Restorative Life Coaching with Coach Melinda

REBRANDED, LLC is a restorative life coaching movement geared toward empowering women and young girls by promoting a more positive sense of self. Research suggests that people who have an improved sense of self tend to be more confident, creative, sound, disciplined, and effective in short and long-term aspirations. REBRANDED believes that when you are content with who you are, you are more apt to lead a healthier, happier, more purpose driven life.
We offer two unique individual coaching packages. You can find our package pricing in the Plans and Pricing section of our website. We are also pleased to announce that we now offer Group Coaching and Adult and Youth Pampering experiences. Please see the prices for our pampering packages i


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Melinda Bella-Monae, MHSC, PCAT, 
Restorative Life Coach


“Never judge another person's process. Everyone's journey will not look like yours, nor end at the same destination."

"Some people aren't going to like the woman you are becoming, and that's okay. Become her anyway."

Melinda Bella-Monaye



Special Rates for Coaching Sessions

I offer packages for a variety of needs. All of my coaching sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances of each specific client. Each option is designed to meet your financial needs, at unbeatable rates. Please see additional details about packages below.


Free Courtesy Coaching Session

Personal Coaching is a great option for everyone, no matter where you are in life. I want you to make sure that this pivotal decision is the right choice for you. That’s why I’m offering your Initial Session Free of Charge!!!! If you still find that REBRANDED is right for you, schedule a paid session with us today. 

$25/1hr sessions

Individual Coaching Session

There is nothing like getting that 1 on 1 personal attention from your Life Coach.  This is one of the most popular and successful coaching options I provide. These sessions are basically pay as you go, and there is no limit to the amount of sessions you can book! Get in touch for more information and to book your spot in the program today.

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Course Schedule (Sneak Peek)

Starting September 7th, 2021



Week 1

During this free session, we will get a chance to have a virtual one on one/meet and greet with one another. We will discuss client/coach expectations, roles, and responsibilities. Here, we will also ask and answer questions and voice any possible concerns about the journey.

Evaluating My Self Perception

Week 2

This session will focus primarily on YOU. How you feel about you. What you like about you. What are your goals? What are your plans for yourself? What is your biggest threat to success? This week, we will complete personal assessments that will help guide us into knowing a little more about you and what you possess.

Evaluating Others' Perception of Me

Week 3

In this session, we will dive a bit deeper into self perception by evaluating how others feel about you and how their opinions affect you. We will address how their perception affects your success or failure, and how it has affected you in the past. This week will also contribute to helping you learn a bit more about you.